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Pure Life Ingredients LLC is a joint venture company with a partnership with India Based Herbs & Crops Group, to provide you with their entire range of organic and natural ingredients. Located in the heart of United States, Wisconsin, We are a full-service provider for all ingredient needs serving more than 7 industries. With deep roots and experience in the domain, with a FDA registered facility and having over 150,000 sq feet of office, warehouse space, and distribution centre, we are equipped for handling all your ingredient based volumetric needs starting from a 50 lbs size to a 40 feet container. With this partnership, we shall be offer you a wide range of ingredients with below value addition to your supply chain. No Customs or FDA Issues: No hassle of customs, FDA or any regulatory body, as our partner will take care of all this. You will take the delivery at your doorstep or pickup from a local warehouse as easy as that. No long transits: On the basis of your regular demands and forecasts, we shall keep your items ready in stock at their facility, making it available all the time. No order size constraint: With this partnership, there will be no constraints of order size to you to save the shipping. We shall be having our regular container shipments to the distribution centre by sea. This will save your time and money both. Once in flow, you will get the quick delivery as you get by AIR, with local transportation. Currency Conversions: You will also be able to make the payment in local currency in local banks, as the orders will be processed by our partner. Local Support: The most important and the best of all if the local support. As you know we always keep customer support at the highest priority. With this partnership, we will be able to work with you more closely, will be available to you at any hours, for any type of support you want.

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Stokke WarehouseMenomonie, WI, US
Product List
Aloe Vera Leaves Powder
Amla Powder
Amla/Emblica officinalis
Aritha Powder
Arjun Bark/terminalia arjuna
Arjuna Powder
Ashoka Powder
Ashwagandha Extract
Ashwagandha Powder
Ashwagandha/Withania somnifera
Bhoomi Amla Powder
Bhringraj Powder
Brahmi Powder
Cinnamon Powder
Clove Powder
Curry Leaves Powder
Fennel Powder
Fenugreek Powder
Fuller earth
Ginger Powder
Gokharu Powder
Gokhru/Terrestris tribulus
Gotu Kola Powder
Guduchi Powder
Guduchi/Terminalia cordifoliax
Gymnema Powder
Haritaki Powder
Henna/Lawsonia inermis
Holy basil/tulsi
Jatamansi Powder
Kapikacchu Powder
Karela Powder
Katha Powder
Katira Gond Powder
Lemon Peel Powder
Lemongrass Powder
Licorice Root Powder
Manjistha Powder
Mint Leaves Powder
Moringa leaf/pods
Moringa Leaves Powder
Mucuna pruriens (Velvet Beans)
Nagarmotha Powder
Natural Henna Powder
Natural Indigo Powder
Neem /Azadirachta indica
Neem Leaves Powder
Neutral Henna Powder
Orange Peel Powder
Organic Aloe Vera Leaves Powder
Organic Amla Powder
Organic Aritha Powder
Organic Arjuna Powder
Organic Ashoka Powder
Organic Ashwagandha Powder
Organic Bhringraj Powder
Organic Brahmi Powder
Organic Cinnamon Powder
Organic Fenugreek Powder
Organic Ginger Powder
Organic Gokharu Powder
Organic Gotu Kola Powder
Organic Guduchi Powder
Organic Gymnema Leaves Powde
Organic Haritaki Powder
Organic Henna Powder
Organic Indigo Powder
Organic Kapikacchu Powder
Organic Lemongrass Powder
Organic Licorice Root Powder
Organic Manjistha Powder
Organic Moringa Leaves Powder
Organic Neem Leaves Powder
Organic Psyllium Husk Powder
Organic Rose Petals Powder
Organic Senna Leaves Powder
Organic Shatavari Powder
Organic Shikakai Powder
Organic Stevia Leaves Powder
Organic Triphala Powder
Organic Tulsi Powder
Organic Turmeric Powder
Organic Vibhitaki Powder
Organic Wheatgrass Powder
Pomegranate Peel Powder
Psyllium Husk Powder
Red Kamala Powder
Rose Petals Powder
Safed Musli Powder
Senna Leaves Powder
Senna leaves/pods
Shatavari Powder
Shikakai Powder
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