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Since its foundation in 2000, Zinda has offered its customers the best of Couscous. It is in a fusion between the whimsical pairing of quality Canadian Durum and the heritage of know-how passed down through the generations that Zinda has become a North American leader. Being a manufacturer of conventional since it's inception Zinda evolved into making Organic couscous. The company has expanded its offerings over the years, in 2015, Zinda acquired a new line of Couscous to manufacture Pearl Couscous also known in some circles as “Israeli couscous“. In the past, this product was imported from Israel however Zinda manufactures it and has dramatically improved the quality and even offers it in an organic version to their customers made fresh daily with the best ingredients. Zinda holds a position among the world’s elite, hailing as Canada’s exclusive producer of Couscous and the largest in North America. Our highly qualified personnel know Couscous like no other. We use state of the art equipment, as well as Canadian Durum Semolina North America’s to produce our fine product. One of our truly greatest strengths is in our innovative abilities and endless research and development. This has been a massive contributor when considering Zinda’s #1 position in its category in a way which allows the flow of ideas and products to be not only contemporary, but also innovative for today’s ever-changing market.

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