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Bulk matcha, direct from our factory in Japan. We are a leading supplier of organic and non-organic wholesale matcha for major brands. Ikeda specializes in master-crafted Bulk Culinary Matcha by combining traditional farming, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and generations of knowledge. Our unmatched expertise and quality make Ikeda’s organic and non-organic matcha an umami, versatile, and nutritious option for beverages, supplement mixes and food. Our farms are in the fertile, volcanic soil of Kagoshima, Japan’s largest organic farming region. Each large-scale production run is curated by our 10th degree Chashi (Tea Master), who comes from generations of tea sommeliers and holds the highest designation of craftsmanship in tea. Matcha’s potential health benefits include EGCG catechins (antioxidants), stress-reducing L-theanine, caffeine without the jitters, and detoxing chlorophyll. Call us for info and a sample.

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Ikeda Tea WorldHuntington Beach, CA, US

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