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Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is the global market and technology leader in concentrated herbal extracts. Founded in 1992, Tianjiang was the first manufacturer of concentrated herbal extracts to receive China's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for pharmaceutical products. Since then, Tianjiang has developed 30 patents on the extraction, granulation, and packaging of Chinese herbal extracts. Tianjiang engages in research partnerships with 22 Chinese medicine research universities and 26 leading TCM hospitals, and has lead the industry in the development of quality standards. Its TLC botanical fingerprint standards have been adopted by the China FDA as the standard for all Chinese herb producers. Tianjiang, along with China Pharmaceutical University and Nanjing University, are the three parties invited by US Pharmacopeia (USP) to collaborate on the development of US standards for Chinese herbal extracts. Currently, Tianjiang produces 700 varieties of herbal extracts made from botanical roots, stems, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, mushrooms, and more. Botanical materials are sourced directly from over 300 farms (including 66 of Tianjiang's own farms) to ensure quality from seed through finished product. Each extract produced is full-spectrum to provide a full range of plant constituents in balance, standardized to guarantee product consistency and potency, solvent free with pure, clean, natural water extraction to maintain the purity, instantly water soluble to meet health, beverage, cosmetic and food supplement product requirements.

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Product List
Abalone Shell (Processed)
Abrum Herb
Achyranthes Root
Acorus Root
Actinidia Root
Adenophora Root
Agrimonia Herb
Ailanthus Bark (Processed)
Akebia Caulis
Akebia Fruit
Albizzia Bark
Albizzia Flower
Alisma Rhizome
Alpinia Fruit (Processed)
Altaica Rhizome
American Ginseng Root
Amomum Fruit
Andrographis Herb
Anemarrhena Rhizome
Arborvitae Leaf
Arborvitae Seed
Areca Husk
Arisaema Root (Processed)
Ark Shell (Processed)
Arnebia/Lithospermum Root
Ash Bark
Asiatic Pennywort Herb
Asparagus Root
Aster Root (Processed)
Astragalus Root
Astragalus Root (Processed)
Astragalus Seed
Atractylodes Rhizome (Processed)
Bamboo Leaf
Bamboo Shavings (Processed)
Bamboo Sugar
Barley Sprout
Bearded Scutellaria Herb
Beautiful Sweetgum Fruit
Belamcanda Rhizome
Bile Arisaema
Bistort Rhizome
Bitter Apricot Seed
Bitter Orange (Processed)
Bittersweet Herb
Black Lotus Seed
Black Nightshade Herb
Black Sesame Seeds
Black Swallowwort Root
Black-Roasted Ginger
Bletilla Powder
Bonnet Bellflower
Buddha's Hand Fruit
Buddleia Flower Bud
Bupleurum Root
Burdock Seed Extract
Bush Cherry Kernel
Bushy Knotweed Extract
Bushy Sophora Root
Callicarpa Leaf
Cassia Bark
Cassia Seed (Processed)
Celosia Seeds
Centipeda Herb
Chaenomeles Fruit
Chain Fern Rhizome (Processed)
Charred Biota Leaves
Charred Stiple Palm Fiber
Chebula Fruit
Cherokee Rose Fruit
Chinese Angelica Root
Chinese Angelica Root (Processed)
Chinese Angelica Root Branch
Chinese Buckeye Seed
Chinese Clive Bulb
Chinese Eupatorium Leaf
Chinese Foxglove Root
Chinese Holly Leaf
Chinese Knotweed
Chinese Leek Seed
Chinese Lobelia Herb
Chinese Lovage Rhizome
Chinese Sage Herb
Chinese Skullcap
Chinese Skullcap (Processed)
Chinese Starjasmine Stem
Chinese Tea Rose Flower
Chinese Tinospora Stem
Chinese Trumpetcreeper Flower
Chrysanthemum Flower
Chuanxiong Rhizome
Cimicifuga Rhizome
Cinnamon Twig

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