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We provide a wide range of fruit and veggie powders, juice powders for super food, supplement, nutritional etc. use. We are also able to supply pre-blend powders, it can be either OEM or ODM. We have both NOP organic and conventional prdocuts, all your request about fruit and vegetable powders can be found here in Kang Med company

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Product List
Alfalfa powder
Apple juice powder
Apple powder
Banana juice powder
Banana powder
Barley grass juice powder
Barley grass powder
Beet leaf powder
Beet root juice powder
Beet root powder
Bitter melon powder
Black cherry juice powder
Black cherry powder
Black currant juice powder
Black currant powder
Black tea powder
Blueberry juice powder
Blueberry powder
Broccoli powder
Cantaloupe juice powder
Cantaloupe powder
Carrot juice powder
Carrot powder
Cauliflower powder
Celery juice powder
Celery powder
Chaga powder
Cherry juice powder
Cherry powder
Chickpea protein powder
Chlorella powder
Cinnamon bark powder
Coconut powder
Coconut water powder
Cranberry juice powder
Cranberry powder
Cucumber powder
Elderberry juice powder
Elderberry powder
Fava bean rotein powder
Garlic powder
Ginger powder
Grape juice powder
Grape powder
Grapefruit juice powder
Grapefruit powder
Green pea powder
Green tea powder
Hemp seed protein powder
Kale powder
Kelp powder
Kiwi juice powder
Kiwi powder
Lemon juice powder
Lemon powder
Lentil protein powder
Lime powder
Maitake powder
Mango juice powder
Mango powder
Matcha powder
Mulberry juice powder
Mulberry powder
Mushroom powder
Noni fruit powder
Onion powder
Orange juice powder
Papaya juice powder
Papaya powder
Passion fruit juice powder
Passion fruit powder
Pea protein powder
Peach juice powder
Peach powder
Pear juice powder
Pear powder
Pineapple juice powder
Pineapple powder
Plum powder
Pomegranate juice powder
Pomegranate powder
Potato protein powder
Pumpkin juice powder
Pumpkin powder
Raspberry juice powder
Raspberry powder
Reishi powder
Rice protein powder
Shiitake powder
Spinach juice powder
Spinach powder
Spirulina powder
Strawberry juice powder
Strawberry powder
Sweet potato powder
Sweet purple potato powder
Tomato juice powder
Tomato powder
Watermelon juice powder
Wheat grass juice powder
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