Natrusolate has been a pioneer in discovering novel therapeutic molecules within nature. We use revolutionary proprietary patented technology to identify, develop and manufacture plant-based ingredients of the highest-quality. Our products are subjected to the highest levels of scientific rigor, ensuring strict regulatory compliance. We have recently increased transparency through DNA Fingerprinting and a chain of custody system, which assures our raw materials can be authenticated and validated through all stages of manufacturing. Our expertise and focus on clinical research and innovation has been the foundation of the company. Our ingredients offer scientifically validated results and highly marketable claims in various health categories. With a current portfolio of close to 170 national and international patents, 24 human clinical studies and 72 peer-reviewed publications, we continue to invest significantly in clinical research. We take a customer-centric approach in the development of our ingredients focusing on efficacy, dosing, economics, while designing studies with marketing teams in mind.

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